How to update nominee in mutual funds online

How to update nominee in mutual funds online

As of October 1, it is mandatory to nominate someone in your mutual fund investment or explicitly exclude yourself.  If you do not comply with this rule for existing folios before March 31, 2023, your investments will be frozen.

For years, the Rs 39 lakh crore Indian mutual fund sector has been campaigning for investors to nominate someone in their mutual fund holdings.  That campaign got a big boost this month when the capital markets regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, forced MF investors to nominate someone or opt out of being nominated.

The rule entered into force on October 1, 2022, for new pages.  Let's see how you can nominate someone in your MF investment, if you haven't already.

Nowadays mutual fund investment has become a popular method of investing in the financial market.  This is an easy way to invest in the financial market and does not require active monitoring.

A mutual fund is an investment scheme where an asset management company collects funds from several investors to form a large pool of funds and invests it in various investment instruments.

A fund manager is a professional who manages funds and invests funds in multiple securities, stocks and bonds.  The primary objective of this investment is to get the best returns by investing capital in various types of securities.

Now, investing in mutual funds has become easier as the process has become online.

Types of Mutual Funds

Here is a general classification of mutual funds based on – objective, structure and nature of asset allocation.  When classified on the basis of asset allocation, mutual funds are of three types – equity mutual funds, debt mutual funds and balanced mutual funds. However, the investment risk depends on the scheme chosen.

Equity Mutual Funds

Equity funds invest up to 65 percent of funds in various company stocks, which means they generate the highest returns among all types of mutual fund schemes.

The returns offered by equity funds depend on market fluctuations, which are influenced by several eco-political events.

Debt Mutual Funds As the name itself suggests, debt funds invest in various debt instruments, to generate fixed income for the investors and hence, are low in risk.  65 percent of debt fund capital is invested in debt instruments.  Market debt funds do not perform performance effects, so they appeal to risk-averse investors.

Balanced Funds means Balanced Fund

Balanced or hybrid funds offer the best of both worlds.  These funds invest in both equity and debt instruments to generate attractive returns. Hybrid funds appeal to low-risk investors. 

The primary objective is to diversify the portfolio for balanced risk-reward.  A fund manager will shift funds between assets based on market conditions to deliver returns and provide investors with good returns.

Modern mutual funds are truly innovative products that cater to a wide range of customers.  Choose a mutual fund that suits your investment profile.

How to invest in mutual funds online?

The online process has made investing in mutual funds really easy.  Here are the simple steps to follow while applying online for mutual fund schemes.

Analyze your risk appetite and tolerance.  The process of understanding the amount of risk one is able to bear is called risk profiling.  Returns on mutual funds depend on market performance.  So, before investing, you should consider and understand the risks involved.

The second step is asset allocation.  After risk profiling, you need to consider diversifying your funds across different assets to create a diversified portfolio.  Ideally, you should invest in both equity and debt funds for balanced returns.

The next step involves researching the various mutual fund schemes available to the asset diversified investor for investment.  Now, you can do homework online.  There are several websites where you can compare all available mutual fund products and make an informed decision.

Choosing a mutual fund and applying online is the final step in investing in an MF.  You can also apply offline, traditionally, but the online process saves time and effort.

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