Natak for School Programme (Gujarati-Hindi-English) PDF & Video Collection

Gujarati Natak for School Programme - PDF & Video Collection

Drama is the art represented by the nut.  It creates drama when the imitation of different human-states goes nuts. The word 'natak' is derived from the metal 'nat'.  Bharata's 'Natyasastra' says that the fifth Natyaveda was composed by taking lessons from the Rigveda, song from the Samaveda, acting from the Yajurveda and rasa from the Atharvaveda.  Thus, Natak or Natya is related to each of the words, lyrics, dance, music and hence it becomes a distinct art form.

Gujarati Natak for School Program 2023

Critics still do not agree on where the first play was written, when it was written, and where the play was performed.  Until now, it was widely believed that the drama originated in Greece. But according to German researchers, the cradle of drama was laid in the city of Biblon in Asia Minor.  Then in Egypt, then in Sicily and Greece.

The famous German critic Kopowski provides ample evidence for this belief in a book entitled 'Sources of Theatre', in which the only text in Asia Minor is found in an Egyptian pyramid in c.  S.  P.O.  Twelve hundred, fifteen hundred years ago a play called 'Triumph of Horrors' was carved into the wall inside the pyramid.

Hindi Natak for School Program 2023

For that, the costumes of the characters and the date of the performance etc. were researched by the experts of the ancient Egyptian language and an English translation was prepared by a professor in England. It is also mentioned that the play was performed in Padmore College in the current century.  On the other hand in Greece  S.  P.O.  There are also mentions of plays written and performed and contested.

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Natak for School Programme (Gujarati-Hindi-English) PDF & Video Collection


  1. Natak - Shravan : Download
  2. Natak - Mira ke Medona : Download
  3. Natak - Eklavya : Download
  4. Natak - Pani Bachao : Download
  5. Natak - Save Education :Download 
  6. Natak - Save Nature : Download
  7. Natak - Save Girl : Download
  8. Natak - Save Time : Download
  9. Natak - Save Money : Download
  10. Natak - Nandanvan : Download
  11. Natak - Andheri Nagri : Download
  12. Natak - Bhantar No Bhar : Download
  13. Natak - Samjan : Download
  14. Bal Natak - Sangrah : Download
  15. Natak - Dip se dip Jalate : Download
  16. Natak - Vruksh : Download
  17. Natak - Sansar : Download
  18. Natak - Ek Adhuro Interview : Download
  19. Natak - Nyay To Haji Baki j chhe : Download

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