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The location of the places, cities, countries, mountains, rivers, etc. of a part of the surface of the Earth in short form on paper with the help of scale is called mapping.  A map is made up of two words, value and picture, which means a picture or value is represented by a picture.  

In contrast to the way a microscope enlarges a small object, maps represent a large terrain in a small way so that geographic information and their interrelations can be understood at a glance.  A map is also called a map.

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Nowadays maps are not limited to the earth, or the surface of the earth, or any real object.  For example, a map of the surface of the moon or Mars can be made;  An idea or concept can be mapped;  Brain mapping (eg with the help of MRI) is being done.

Maps are of many types and are useful in many ways.  A map per unit location is more factual and inclusive than any other type of character or plot.  Even in thousands of words, the fact that you cannot get knowledge by describing it properly, it can be done with the help of a small map prepared scientifically.  

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That is why nowadays, maps and parallelograms, pictures, etc. are being used more and more for the realization of the situation related to all types of knowledge science etc.

There is a close relationship between geography and maps.  Both the study and teaching of geography seems incomplete and impossible without a map.  Proper and intuitive knowledge of the position, extent or distribution of various facts and mutual static relations is obtained through the map.  

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For example, even if we had knowledge of the total population of the country or its various administrative departments, that knowledge would not give us a sense of the actual distribution of the population, but putting that knowledge on the map would not only give a regional or local distribution of the distribution.  

Clear knowledge of various dimensions of population becomes easy.  Therefore, through the map, as much knowledge of the earth's conditions can be obtained by the bird's eye, it is not possible by book or any other means.  In geography, there is a special study of the distribution of matter, so the map is given more and more importance.  In military science, the map is given due importance.

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Maps have also proved very useful in administrative tasks and schemes.  Not only for the demarcation of nation or states or various administrative departments and subdivisions, the map of distribution of various natural and human resources of each and every section is also necessary for smooth administration.  

Knowledge of distribution of various human and natural resources is also necessary for planning related works, on the basis of which plans can be made for economic improvement balanced and scientifically and regionally or regionally.

In addition, the map is the best tool for understanding the ecological relationships and dependencies of various natural components.  For example, the relationship of different components of climate, temperature, humidity, rainfall, etc. to soil, botanical and biological types can be revealed by the map and the relation of that compiled picture can be established with the distribution of population.  

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Military operations, tourism, traffic, trade, occupation, etc., are of high importance in all fields. In the second half of the 20th century, when humans were successfully conscious of establishing their power at the bottom of the oceans and the planetary satellites of space, the need to map maps of other planetary satellites, not only that of Earth, has increased.