COVID-19 Antargat Shala ma Shixako ane Aacharyo ae Takedari Rakhva Babat

Matters of vigilance of Teachers and Principals in Government school under COVID - 19

According to the circular of Gadhda Takula Primary Education Officer, the government is currently working under the COVID-19 epidemic.Teachers and teachers on duty in the primary school should be vigilant as follows.

1. Teachers are regularly present in the school as per 50 % of the time as per the information received earlier.According to him, from now on, only 33 % of the teachers will be present. According to the arrangement, the headmaster of the school will be present.To be done. Pay centre school principal (Acharya)sent a soft copy in Taluka to the teachers who were present in the school on a routine basis.

2. The principal of the school has to attend the school alternately. The principal of the school has given his K.V. Coming to school To give a soft copy in the form of a letter to the principal of Patiala about the arrangement of routine at 50% by mail in taluka.Stay tuned.  To assign responsibility to the school teacher in case the school principal is not present in the school.As well as to provide information requested by the office here or by the CRC within the time limit. The responsibility lies with the principal.

3. At present, online education is run through virtual classes as well as home learning in the school, in the same way. It does not matter.  As well as teachers who are exempt from school attendance on those days.Further, the type of virtual class taken by Microsoft App is not required.

4. Let's learn at home, unit test, M.D.M. Grain distribution, the principal of the school has his own discretion.According to the summons, the teachers should be called to the school and this work should be done in the proper manner. In addition, whenever there is a need for teachers in the school, the number of teachers should be as high as possible.The calling operation has to be completed. 

5. Attendance of all the teachers of the school as per the schedule given by the Bisag for the special trainings or other events.To be given. 

6. All types of online work or training provided by teachers through GCERT or other institutes. It has to be done in the summer.

7. Children should not be present in schools under any circumstances.  If any information is to be exchanged. Only the parents have to be contacted.

8. Special attention to social distance and true adherence to masks by the principals and teachers present in the school.

9. In each school, the principal compulsorily maintains the arrangement of multiple sanitizers keeping in view the entire staff. The amount has to be done.

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10. Teachers have to perform their duties compulsorily as per the order of maintenance zone or other operations. Stay tuned.

11. Any school teacher or principal should not come out of the office and come to the office. Teachers should not come face to face in the office.

You have to come to the office only after taking a shower.  For any administrative work, every teacher or principal should go to the administrative channel.

 This letter has to be applicable from 17/09/2020.