Gujarat has a varity of Geographical situation in 33 districts and 4 million plus cities the problems of rural and urban areas are different due to socio cultural, economic and geographical reason. 

Transportation facility is required in rural area mostly due to problems like scattered, hilly, forest preserved, desert and bates covered area. Due to this reason, opening school is not viable due to either neighborhood norms of school opening under RTE Act or less potential number of children be enrolled in urban and million plus city geographical circumstances are so different then the rural. 

In urban areas problems are like non availability of land, migration, overcrowded population, increasing slum areas at the border side, construction work and traffic. 

Due to these problems opening new school is not viable and children can’t attend school regularly or drop out form the system due to not stable life of families specially children of slum areas and children of deprived group can’t come to school due to this reason. 

Need base proposal is being prepared for the needy and children of deprived group for better implementation of RTE Act and regular attendance of children for the completion of elementary cycle. Micro planning is prepared as per the guideline of MHRD from School Management Committee (SMC) to State Project Office.

Transportation facility for school

Transportation facility for school
Planning for the transportation/ escort facility is being done every year wide exercise to identify the children with the help of school management committee (SMC), project staff and Geographical mapping. 

State has also prepared working group from State to Block Resource Center (BRC) level to identify the need and issue of locality as per the suggestion of working group, planning is prepared for the transportation and escort facility.

Objective of Transport facility
  • Decreasing dropout rate, Increasing attendance rate
  • Successful completion of elementary education
  • Specially aiding the children of deprived group and children of slum areas for regularity in school
  • Focusing Children living in forest, scattered areas, desert and border areas for Elementary Education.

These facilities covers the children belonging to hilly, scattered, desert and forest preserved area is the rural tribal areas as well as the children of slum areas, deprived groups in million plus cities who could not reach to school due to the distance, traffic problem and the lifestyle or the children of observation and nari saraksan gruh.


The application for the drivers who provide transportation service to Gujarat Government Schools under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA). An authorized driver will be able to access this application and all their trips will be recorded. The driver will take attendance of all students and they can see their earning in the application. They will be tracked and notified in case of over speed and off route driving. SOS Call feature of the App will be helpful in case of emergencies.

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