Anupam Shala Project - All lnformation

  • It is necessary to have basic values and philosophies in place that will make our children responsible citizens in the future. Parents and teachers are now understanding the importance of teaching beyond the syllabus. They realise that values can be taught well at an early age and schools are the best place to impart knowledge about rights and wrongs, how one can lead a good life, things required to sustain in today’s competitive world and so on. In order to life a fulfilling life in today’s scenario, certain values that are required in life must be taught in school itself. Some of these include.
  • Anupam shala project is related on human beings and values  in primary schools in Gujarat.
  • In Banaskantha,District Institute for Education and Training (DIET)-Palanpur is working on this project.
  • Here are the important information and documents about Anupam shala project.