Std 9 To 12 Ekam Kasoti 2024-25 | Ekam Kasoti Time Table, Syllabus

Std 9 To 12 Ekam Kasoti 2024-25 | Ekam Kasoti Time Table, Syllabus

Ekam Kasoti 2024-25: In order to maintain continuity in the education and studies of the students, various efforts have been made by the education department of the state government for the unit test.

According to which the unit test has to be organized for the students of Std 9 to 12.  The first unit test of class-9 to class-12 will be held in the month of 25 July-2024.

Std 9 To 12 Ekam Kasoti 2024-25 | Ekam Kasoti Time Table, Syllabus
Ekam Kasoti 2024-25

Dhoran 9 thi 12 Mate Ekam Kasoti Na Aayojan Babat

The instructions below is to be taken into consideration.

1. The schools have to conduct the unit test of class-9 to 12 on 25 July 2024 in two sessions of 1 hour each.

2. Only 2 (two) subject question papers of each class from class 9 to 12 will be sent from here for the first unit test, the details of which are available in the time table. 

3. For the first unit test, the units of June and July will be the syllabus, the details of which are mentioned in the sheet.

4. The unit test will be organized only on the basis of the textbook published by the Gujarat State School Textbook Board. 

5. From here the password-protected question papers of the unit test will be downloaded on board website:

6. The Principal shall take full care to maintain the confidentiality of the question papers for the unit test at every stage.

7. The Principal shall conduct the test of all the students as per the schedule attached herewith.

8. After the school unit test, the unit test of the students is evaluated on time and the information of their obtained marks is preserved in such a way that it is available throughout the year.

You are requested to take further action from your level in view of the following matters regarding the routine test to be taken in the month of July. The above periodic evaluation tests dt. To be held on 25/07/2024.

Dhoran 9 To 12 Ekam Kasoti Aayojan 2024-25

Note:- According to the resolution dated 12/02/2020 of the Education Department, Gujarati, Mathematics, Science and Social Science in Class-9 and Class-10 while for Class-11 and Class-12 science stream, Mathematics, Physical Science, Chemistry,  Unit test question papers of Life Science and English as well as English for General Stream, Basics of Name, Business Management, Psychology, Economics and Statistics will be prepared from board level and unit test will be conducted.

It is to be noted that the schools which have declared Christmas vacation in the primary schools will be able to change the dates of this test. These schools will have to organize the test in such a way that the test answer books will be returned to the school by 25/07/2022. The syllabus of the test will be as follows.

Ekam Kasoti, Unit Test, Samayik Mulyankan Kasoti Papers PDF is available here. Download Home Learning Test Papers for Class 3 Students (Gujarati Medium). We also provide all PAT test solution PDFs here. All teachers and students can download it and use it to improve homework.

Dhoran - 9 thi 12 Ekam Kasoti Time Table

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Dhoran - 9 To 12 Ekam Kasoti Syllabus

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Std - 9 To 12 Ekam Kasoti Aayojan, Timetable and Syllabus

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Dhoran - 9 thi 12 Na Vidhyarthio Mate Ekam Kasoti Na Aayojan Babat