{Raja List 2024-25} Jaher - Marjiyat Raja List - 2024 Gujarat | ગુજરાત જાહેર અને મરજિયાત રજા લિસ્ટ 2024

{Raja List 2024-25} Jaher - Marjiyat Raja List - 2024 Gujarat | ગુજરાત જાહેર અને મરજિયાત રજા લિસ્ટ 2024 | જાહેર રજાઓ 2024 ગુજરાત

Jaher Raja List - 2024 Public Holidays Gujarat Pdf Download

Jaher Raja 2024

Marjiyat Raja 2024

Bank Raja 2024

{Raja List 2024-25} Jaher - Marjiyat Raja List - 2024 Gujarat | ગુજરાત જાહેર અને મરજિયાત રજા લિસ્ટ 2024
Jaher Raja List 2024

ગુજરાત જાહેર અને મરજિયાત રજા લિસ્ટ 2024

Gujarat Public and Marjiyat Raja List 2024: Gujarat Jaher Raja List 2024 And Marjiyat Raja List 2024 has been announced by Gujarat Government. So this holiday list is very necessary for all the employees. To download the holiday list The link is given below.

Gujarat Jaher Raja List 2024 |  List of Gujarat Public Holidays 2024

Public and Marjiyat leave list for government employees is released by education department.  So that the government employees arrange their own time table based on the holiday list.  And based on this list employees can do any planning in advance.  The link to download the holiday list 2024 of all the districts of Gujarat is given below.

Gujarat Jaher Raja List 2024: Download

Marjiyat Holiday List 2024 |  Marjiyat Raja List 2024

The Education Department also declares discretionary leave for government employees every year.  Which holidays are optional. These holidays mostly revolve around the public holiday.  Government employees can enjoy 2 Marjiyat leaves in a whole year.  The list of which is given below.

Gujarat Marjiyat Raja List 2024: Download

Bank Holiday List 2024 |  List of Bank Holiday 2024

Hello everyone, Thanks for visiting our blog.Hope you like our work. Now we talk about the latest circular of Bank holidays 2024. In every sector, employees have got public holidays every year.

Bank Holiday List 2024: Download

{RAJA LIST 2024-25} - Gujarat All District Schools Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024 | Download PDF

All the government sectors release their own circular of public holidays every year. Gujarat government release Jaher Raja 2024 on 20/11/2024. It is called the Gujarat government holidays 2024 pdf or Gujarat government holidays 2024.

The circular about holidays is in two languages - Gujarati and English. Public holidays 2024 Gujarat is in three parts.

Gujarat Jaher Raja List 2024

General Holidays 2024
Optional Holidays 2024
Bank Holidays 2024

public holidaynational holiday or legal holiday is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year.

ઉનાળું વેકેશન બાબતનો પરિપત્ર હાલ પૂરતા સ્થગિત રાખેલ છે.

ગુજરાત સરકારની જાહેર રજા - 2024-25 | સામાન્ય રજામરજિયાત રજાબેંક રજા  | General Holiday, Bank Holiday, Marjiyat Raja, Public Holiday-2024-2025

List of Public and Marjiyat Raja for Primary School / Teachers 2024 |  List of Public Holiday and Jaher Raja 2024 for Primary School / Teachers 2024
While having so many government holidays is in line with the idea of peaceful co-existence of all religions, there have been demands from various public bodies that the system of a multitude of religious holidays is hampering economic activities to a great extent. 

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Gujarat Government Holidays 2024

Increasing the number of restricted holidays (optional holidays), depending on one's religious persuasion, from the existing two to eight was also proposed, the rationale being that eight holidays can more than cater to the festivals of any particular religion. So, there is no point in having more than that number of holidays since religion does not warrant a Hindu to celebrate Eid or a Muslim to celebrate Diwali.

Gujarat Government Holiday List 2024 PDF Download

With the proposed system, however, it was left to the individual to choose which eight holidays to celebrate, irrespective of his religious belief. This recommendation has not been accepted by the government of India, fearing a loss of popularity, thus the Indian government continues with an unusually large number of religious holidays as compared to most other countries.

Public Holidays List - 2024

States have local festivals depending on prevalent religious and linguistic demographics. Popular Hindu festivals of Makar SankrantiPongalMaha ShivratriOnamJanmashtamiSaraswati PujaDiwaliGanesh ChaturthiRaksha BandhanHoliDurga PujaDussehra, and DiwaliJain festivals are Mahavir Jayanti and Paryushan.

Gujarat Government Holiday List 2024 PDF in Gujarati

Sikh festivals like Guru Nanak Jayanti and Vaisakhi; Muslim festivals of Eid ul-FitrEid ul-AdhaMawlidMuharram; Buddhist festivals like Ambedkar JayantiBuddha JayantiDhammachakra Pravartan Day and LosarParsi Zoroastrian holidays such as Nowruzand Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter, as well as days of observances such as Good Friday, are observed throughout India.


{RAJA LIST 2024-25} - Gujarat All District Schools Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024 | Download PDF

Ahmedabad Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Anand Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Aravalli Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Bhavnagar Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Bharuch Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Chhota Udepur Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Dahod Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Dang Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Gandhinagar Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Gir Somnath Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Junagadh Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Kheda Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Kutch Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Morbi Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Narmada Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Nadiyad Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Patan Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Porbandar Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Sabarkantha Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Tapi Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024

Vadodara Jaher-Marjiyat Raja List 2024