Matter of giving food on the day of the school birth under PM Nutrition.

Matter of giving food on the day of the school birth under PM Nutrition.

Matter of giving school day food on the day of the school birth under PM Nutrition (MDM)
co-declared on the above item that "Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav" is an initiative to celebrate 75 years of India's independence. This festival is dedicated to the people of India who have played an important role in the evolutionary journey of India.  

Which highlights the vision of a self-sufficient India influenced by Hon'ble Prime Minister's Activating India 2.0.

In order to realize the dream of "Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav-2021", many of the members of the state government

The departments carry out different activities as a campaign.  "Azadi ka amrut" in all schools. The festival is included in the star program of the year 2021.

Subject of giving school day food on the day of school birth under PM Nutrition (MDM)

The Hon'ble Prime Minister has asked the officials of the Panchayati Raj institutions to celebrate the birthday of each village's primary school in an atmosphere of enthusiasm at the Gujarat Panchayat Mahasammelan program in Ahmedabad.
The Hon'ble Prime Minister, while giving guidance, said that school is not just a place with four walls.  But the whole town is a symbol of vitality.  Every citizen of the town should always feel the pride of the school.

I respect. The Prime Minister has also instructed the citizens of the town to gather on the day of the birth of the school to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the school in a humane way and also to make decisions such as cleaning the school.

The school birthday celebration would be more meaningful if all the schools in the state also organized a "date meal" for the school children with the public cooperation of the village elders, the officials, the school family, the leaders , institutions and alumni.  According to which, during the celebration of the school's birthday, the collaboration of the public is requested for the date meal and to organize it properly.

Serve food according to the new scheme menu PM POSHAN, Matter of wheat / rice / legume oil permits.

Regarding the previous topic and context, he co-affirms that with a resolution of the Secretary of Education of the State Government, the menu of uniform dishes has been implemented throughout the state under the PM POSHAN scheme.  The implementation of which has to be done as soon as the food is given in the schools and has to be given sufficient publicity at the school public meeting as well.

In the near future, the decision will be made by the state government to start midday meal in elementary schools from Std. 1 to 8. Necessary instructions have also been given to

Grain (wheat) to administrators for the immediate start of the school lunch plan and rice), cottonseed oil, native chickpeas and a one-month permit for the vegetable basket.  It must be issued immediately to avoid delays.  Vegetable basket under PM POSHAN scheme (Noon meal scheme) (Tuvardal, Pulses Desi Chana and Cottonseed Oil
A script has been sent to Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. per district from here, which has been reported to all districts since .  Details of which work order has been issued by the Gujarat State Civil Supply Corporation after the bidding process.

According to which, the amount will be available in the taluka godown of the corporation soon.  It is requested to give the necessary instructions to the Mamlatdars and request the Deputy Collector (M.B.Yo) to maintain the necessary follow-up/supervision so that the permit issuance work also starts within the time limit.
Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. Make sure that all the quantity provided by the company is of good quality as per the standards.

According to the order of the Honorable Commissioner in the note.

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