Gunotsav School Report card available now at

Gunotsav School Report card available now at

GSQAC Gunotsav 2.0 (School Accreditation Report Card) will be published. Today is an important day in the field of education in Gujarat.  For the first time with Gunotsav 2.0, an attempt has been made to externally evaluate 100% of the schools in the state.

Through this effort, the schools' accreditation report cards were posted today from the online portal. Schools are expected to commit to achieving Grade Appropriate Learning Outcomes among students by incorporating input received from their report cards into their school development plans.

They will be able to download their school report card from the link. Important file for Achieve Green School code in GSQAC Gunotsav 2.0. There is an important pdf file created by DIET Junagadh.

How to download the Gunotsav 2021 school certificate?

  • Go to the website

  •  Select the district and taluka.

  • The list of all taluka schools will now be displayed.  See your school's name on it

  • Click on the name of the school;  the school certificate will be downloaded.

Education Department Contact Number

Education Department,

Lorum ispum, Sector-10A,


(079) 23232152

(079) 2323 2156

Gunotsav School Report card available now at
Gunotsav 2.0 School report card

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