Today's News for Teachers

Today News for Teachers

Parents are also applauding the teacher's unique effort in street education.

A ‘teacher’ in social life is a person from whom society has infinite expectations.  The teacher should have a clear goal of making the student an ideal human being.

Today's News for Teachers

He is going to form students who have strength in body, devotion in heart, victory in instinct and discipline in nature '- these are the words of Nilambhai Patel, a teacher studying in a small village in Banaskantha district. Nilambhai Patel has been imparting street education to the children for more time than last year due to closure of education in schools during the Corona period.

શિક્ષકોની કાયમી ભરતી અંગે મોટા સમાચાર, '15મી જૂનથી કાયમી ભરતી થશે, જ્ઞાન સહાયક વૈકલ્પિક વ્યવસ્થા'

શિક્ષકોની કરાર આધારિત ભરતી મુદ્દે શું બોલ્યા શિક્ષણમંત્રી?

While imparting street education, Nilambhai Patel wears clothes with difficult words and mathematical examples written by the students so that the students can easily remember the difficult words of mathematics and language.

This experiment has been done by the teacher as the students' attention is constantly on the teacher. Nilambhai Patel, a teacher at Harinagar Primary School in Kankrej taluka of Banaskantha district, said that students could not come to school as educational work was closed during the Koro epidemic, but activities ranging from online to street education were going on as per government order. 

Even after reading, they forget, so they thought of doing this experiment so that they can easily remember the hard thing during street education. Nilambhai said it is not necessary to have boards everywhere during street education.

I wrote everything on my clothes for the kids chirping at school, so that even when I was teaching something else, if the children's eyes were constantly on me or my clothes, the students could easily see the words and math examples that they found difficult.  Sounds funny too.

To teach the children, Nilambhai Patel paints the alphabet, Hindi, Gujarati words, addition-subtraction process on his own clothes, so that the children do the teaching work by looking at the text on their clothes.  With schools now closed, the government is trying to provide education through virtual classes, home learning and the Internet.  This unique street education imparted by Nilambhai Patel in Teva has become a center of attraction among the people.

Teacher Nilambhai Patel said that the Koro epidemic has been going on for about twelve months.  There are no more children chirping at school.  Concerned about the education of children, the government has tried to provide education through home learning, virtual classes, education through video link.  

Street education is said to be provided till the schools are opened.  Teachers are teaching from street to street.  Then I have made a small attempt to impart knowledge to children with fun by writing addition, subtraction, multiplication, hard radical letters like x, gn, and twin words on my robe on my everyday clothes.

Regarding the way Nilambhai Patel studies by writing on his clothes while going for street education, the parents of the students said that the hard work done by the teacher for our children is commendable.  

Our students have changed a lot in this way.  Students also remember this effort a lot.  Even math patterns have now become easier for students. We applaud the hard work done by Nilambhai Patel.