Digital Gujarat Scholarship - Apply Online : Std 1 to 8 Students Scholarship | Year: 2021-22

Digital Gujarat Scholarship - Apply Online : Std 1 to 8 Students Scholarship | Year: 2021/22

Shishyavrutti darkhast paripatra 2021-22
Digital Gujarat Scholarship

Regarding the above subject and reference, to state that the Government's Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Gandhinagar and Tribal Development Department, Gandhinagar under the year: 2021-22 / SC / ST / SEBC, EBC / NT - DNT / Minority Premetric Scholarship / Uniform Assistance  Implementation of Schemes Online proposals have been invited from school principals on Digital Gujarat Portal.

શિષ્યવૃત્તિના દરમાં થયેલ વધારો લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

In the above matter, the primary schools should make the entry of all the students eligible for the Premetric Scholarship / Uniform Assistance Scheme in the Digital Gujarat Portal, after the entry of all the students, when the bank account of the students is verified, then the online proposal of all the students should be prepared.  Started from 07/06/2021.  

Pre-Metric Scholarship for Std 1 to 8 Students 2021-22

So that all the principals are asked to give necessary instructions from your level for immediate completion of the work of the pre-matric scholarship / uniform assistance scheme for the year 2021-22. All the work including making the students at the school level, making the proposal, sending the proposal online.  Planning will have to be done as soon as it is completed by 15/07/2021.  In addition, care must be taken to ensure that any eligible student in the school is not deprived of the scholarship.  

In order to complete the work of Digital Gujarat Portal in time, the District Primary Education Officer is in touch with the District Officer of that department and giving instructions to the Taluka Primary Education Officer to complete the work immediately from the concerned.  In addition, the implementation of E-Kuber system has been started in all the districts from the year 2019-20. 

Dhoran 1 thi 8 Shishyavrutti Online Darkhast Karva Babat

From the current year, the bank accounts of the students whose accounts have been dormant / freeze / inactive or whose bank account details / IFSC Code details have been falsified  The principal will have to be informed about the non-availability.  

Details of students whose accounts have been Dormant / Freeze / Inactive or whose bank account / IFSC Code details have been falsified will have to be sent by the principal to the school's Utility → Update Payment Failed Student Account and send to Higher Authority.  (Students whose accounts are Dormant / Freeze / Inactive will have to contact the concerned bank and activate the account. 

Std 1 to 8 Shishyavrutti-Ganvesh Sahay year 2021/22

If the account is sent to the Higher Authority again without activating, such students will not be able to make online payment again. In addition, students' bank account details  If the time limit is not improved, the information that the students will not be able to pay the scholarship should be given to all the principals immediately and arrangements should be made as soon as the account details of such students are updated in time.  

As well as the work of updating the accounts of the students. In view of the relevant letter attached to this, all the primary schools in your possession will have to give necessary instructions from your level.


Digital Gujarat Online Scholarship latest circular 27/8/2021

Digital Gujarat Online Scholarship ma SC balako mate BCK 4 mate suchanao ane upload karvano namuno

Important Circular

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