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Today Corona News - Mrutyu Sahay Aapva Babat

The state faces the possibility of another lockdown in the wake of the growing Koro epidemic.  Now a bench of the Chief Justice of the High Court, Vikram Nath, and Judge Bhargava Karia, has run the government.  

The justice said that concrete steps are needed to prevent the eruption of the crown.  It is necessary to break the transition chain of the crown.  
The Superior Court has ordered the government to impose a three- to four-day curfew across the state and to make the necessary decision on the weekend curfew. Consideration of the government weekend shutdown.

Cases of corona infection are increasing alarmingly in Gujarat.  The state's crown recovery rate has also dropped to 93.81 percent.  Towns and villages with various markets in Tapi, Valsad, Kadi, Jamnagar, Anand-Kheda, Morbi, Dahod, which have been alerted by the growing transition, have declared the voluntary closure. 

On the other hand, the trade association believes that the government should now impose a weekend shutdown to curb the crown, as the night curfew in cities also affects trade, so the Indian Medical Association has  written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop the local transition.  

You have requested a partial closure.  The Gujarat government has also started to consider the matter seriously and there is a possibility of a weekend shutdown in Gujarat in the next two days. Letter from IMA to Prime Minister on closure

In a letter to Prime Minister Modi, the Indian Medical Association said that the vaccine was currently the only way to control coronary heart disease.  In a letter, the association asked the government to establish vaccination centers throughout the state to provide walk-in vaccines. 
Private hospitals, clinics, large hospitals and all doctors must be able to vaccinate.  The Covid Working Group should be formed in each district to facilitate vaccination in the state so that vaccination can be carried out correctly.

The prime minister is also considering a mini blockade. In Gujarat, the business class is frustrated with the situation, including the night curfew.  At the time, spontaneous closures were taking place in many cities.  

In fact, the overnight curfew is affecting the business industry in the state, but the way many medical associations are talking about spontaneous closures is also believed to have indirect pressure from the government.  
The Gujarat government has already announced that there will be no shutdown and that there will be no going back, but this could lead to a situation similar to a shutdown.  The Prime Minister himself has also asked officials to consider a mini shutdown;  So such a situation can gradually arise in Gujarat.

The city should have a curfew from Saturday to SundayMost of the associations in Gujarat believe that trade and business have collapsed financially and mentally due to the previous closure. 

In the second wave of corona, the government has changed the hours of the night curfew, which has proven to be economically detrimental to business, especially the hotel and restaurant industry has been negatively affected by the night curfew.  

Officials from various associations have even suggested to the government that the city should have a five-day curfew from Saturday to Sunday, that is, a curfew from 11:00 p.m.  Friday night until 6:00 a.m.  Monday morning, so the crown can kick back and relax.  its broken cycle. 


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