A detailed investigation of an object, person or event is called.  Examination is the examination of the ability of a student or future practitioner in academic and professional context.  There are many types of examination according to composition, subject, difficulty etc.  Examination is one of the best ways to self-assess, so that the ability and confidence of a person can be accurately or assessed.

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Exams are an essential part of the current education system.  This is an important tool to measure a student's ability.  Examinations are very useful to check a student's ability.  Through the examination, the quality of students in the relevant subject can be assessed to a large extent.  The future of students depends a lot on how they perform in examinations.

There has been a debate in the country for many years about the usefulness and inevitability of examinations.  Some people consider the exam compulsory.  So some people see less benefit and more loss from examinations.  According to him, examinations bring unnecessary pressure on students.  Students try to understand the subject.  By somehow getting good marks in the examination becomes the goal of the students.  Many such evils are counted.

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There are some flaws in the examination system, but it is there in every system of the world.  It also has many advantages.  The pressure of the exam motivates the students to work hard.  They start giving time on that subject.  Now the subject of which a student will read again and again, his knowledge in that subject will increase. 

Whatever the reason for reading.  Apart from this, the result of the exam is like a reward for the hard-working student.  If the examinations were not there, where would the enthusiasm of the students come from?  It is human nature that he wants something where his ability is seen, he appreciates that ability where he works harder.  Examinations are like certificates showing the qualification of a student, his or her hard work.

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Many people are of the opinion that because of exams, there is unnecessary pressure on children, so there should be no exams.  But they do not see the positive effect of this pressure.  Students have immense merit, it is necessary to work hard to bring out that merit.  The pressure of the examination makes the children toil.  This develops his abilities.  And on the contrary, most of the students do not even pay attention to studies if there are no examinations.  

At present, the government has made a rule that students should not fail till tenth, irrespective of their performance in the examination.  The result is getting very bad.  The level of education is falling day by day.  There are complaints from many schools that the students are not serious about studies now because they know that their performance in the exam does not matter.  They have to go to the next class.

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Apart from all these things, till date no one has been able to suggest any other better option for the exam.  People talk about grading system which is copy of foreign countries.  In which the teacher teaching the student will evaluate it.  This method is very defective and the chances of its misuse are very high. 

It is a big flaw in itself to give the responsibility of the entire system to only one person and that there is no way to monitor whether they are doing their work properly or not.  Where there is such a system, there have been many allegations of discrimination.  

Std 9 and 11 New Paper Style 2021
In the grading system, how will it be known that the teacher is giving good grades to the student based on his talent or good grades by getting his personal work done.

Due to the positive impact on students and there is no other better option, I believe that examinations are compulsory at present.