Gujarat All School Dise Code Pdf

Gujarat All School Dise Code Pdf Download

Hello everyone, Today we are discussing about Gujarat all school dise code. Every school has own school dise code. The full form of DISE code is UNIFIED DISTRICT INFORMATION SYSTEM for EDUCATION

Gujarat All School Dise Code Pdf
Gujarat All School Dise Code


It is currently used for many school related operations in India.  Help organize and classify all school data across the country.  You can get any school information under this number.  These codes are somewhat difficult to remember.  Because they have approximately 11 characters.

But if you forgot your school's U-DISE number, don't worry, because you can get any school's U-DISE code at any time with a government website

Steps to obtain your school's UDISE number:

Step 1: Open the website in your browser.

Step 2: Find the FIND SCHOOL tab / menu near the HOME menu.

Step 3: Click on it, you will see that there is a FORM with multiple fields, you simply have to complete these fields.

Note: Try to fill in as many fields as you know about school.ex.  Academic year, State, District, Block, Cluster, Town.

Step 4: Finally press the Search button found below.  You will need to be patient as the search will take some time.  It depends on the internet speed and the data you provide to the search engine of the websites.

After a while, you will get the search result in the form of a list of schools.  You can find the UDISE number of your school, as well as more information about the expected school.  You can also print that list.

When you click on any school on the list, you will get the RTE Report Card for that school.  You can also print it.

Gujarat All School Dise Code Pdf

UDISE (Unified District Information System for Education) is an Indian-wide school database developed by the Ministry of Education of the Government of India.  It was created for the successful implementation, effective monitoring of Government educational programs and the strengthening of the educational information management system in India. 

UDISE collects and classifies data from schools at different levels, and this information can be accessed using a unique 11-character U DISE Code, and this code is known as the UDISE Code.

The UDISE Code was formed by integrating the District Information System for Primary Education (DISE) and the Secondary Level of the Secondary Education Management System (SEMIS).

Importance of the UDISE code in the school database

DISE Code was formed after the integration of DISE and SEMIS.  DISE became the leading source of information in India's education sector, especially for government sponsored educational programs such as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA).

DISE Code is the leading source of information on school database in India.  The DISE portal stores all school databases in India and uses a unique coding system (UDISE Code) to access and update the information on its portal.

Gujarat All School Dise Code Pdf

DISE Code collects information about the school infrastructure and other facilities available at the school such as drinking water, restroom, and details of the number of teachers and their educational qualification, details of the equipment, medium of instruction, number of children with disabilities, test results, etc.

It also records the number of dropouts and enrollment details for schools spread across the nation's states and Union territories.  DISE has managed to solve the problems related to the collection and management of school data by creating a UDISE CODE to provide and access all the information related to each school in the country. 

DISE Code eliminates the chances of tampering with school records as the school will be responsible for the accuracy of the school database.