Gujarat Public Utilities Commission - GPSC published Interview Eligible Candidate List, Important Notice on Recommendation, Detailed Interview Schedule, Waiting List Recommendation, Eligible / Ineligible List after Scrutiny  of the application and an Important Notice regarding the recommendation of the waiting list for various vacancies.  You can see all the updates for various vacancies at the link below.



  1. Confirm the request on the OJAS site to finally submit it.

  2. Confirmation number and first wire option in the option Print call letter to applicants. Collecting / Hole will be on the screen immediately.  Come and take the test

3. Deactivate the POPUP blocker Each report will appear in the new window.

4. Set the A4 size page in Printer Settings.

5. For IE 8 and later browsers, click View Browser Text Compatibility.

6. OTP Use a one-time password whenever necessary, so you are asked to register your personal and correct mobile number.  O Online application for OTP (one-time password)

Provide and use your correct mobile phone number while doing so.

The online application made by the candidates is editable until the last advertisement.  Therefore, candidates should only apply on one ad.  If there are any errors filling in the details / information in the online application, please go to the "Edit" option and correct the details.  Do not make a new application.

The Commission will have the unlimited right to change the number of places of all the announcements published by the Commission.  - Considering the number of candidates, the preliminary test will be carried out through OMR / CERT (Computer Based Recruitment Test).  Educational qualification, experience, etc., will be as per the detailed announcement posted on the Commission website https: // gpsc and htps: // gpsc - ojas gujarat  -21 and 31 / 2020-91 Advertising will have 200 questions of 300 points in the preliminary test related to the subject. 


The final selection of the candidates will be made on the basis of the total score, calculating 50% of the marks obtained out of 200 marks in the primary test and 50% of the marks obtained out of 100 points in the face-to-face interview.  That is, a 30-50% weighting will be given to the grades obtained from 200 and 130 grades from the preliminary test and face-to-face interview respectively.  8% on pre-test on previous announcements (for SC and ST candidates - between previous announcements, announcement numbers: 09, 16 / 2060-61 to 8 / 2020-91, 16, 20, 32 to 31/30,  40) 50 points for the marks obtained out of 400 points in the preliminary test in 20 / 2050-61 and the candidates will not be considered for the face-to-face interview). 

A weighting of fifty percent will be given.  In the preliminary test, 100 questions of 100 points will be for general study and 200 questions of 200 points will be for the related subject.

(In the relevant announcements, those who obtain less than 15% marks in the primary test - according to J. No. 2, 3, 4 and 31 to 5 / 2020-91 in the primary test, meet the standard of qualification set  by the commission and comply with the provisions mentioned in the hiring rules in the announcement. (Fifteen) times the candidates will be admitted in the main written exam and then 05 (three) times the candidates of the total positions that come in the standard of  qualification decided by the commission A face-to-face interview will be convened.


Of the candidates that appear in the norm and comply with the provisions mentioned in the recruitment rules, recruitment examination rules and advertisements, approximately 6 (six) times the total number  Candidates will be admitted to the main writings Pretest outline for 2020-21 and 2 / 2020-21 to 30 / 2020-21: Test of questions 100 questions of 100 general study points, 50 pre  50-point questions in Gujarati and 5 0 50-point questions in English.  

200 questions of 200 points in the subject.  The final selection of the candidate will be made on the basis of 200 points of the objective test-1 and 200 points of the objective question-3 of the total of points obtained out of a total of 2300 points.  - From 12 / 2060-61 until J.S.  - Candidates selected for the 8 / 2020-21 positions will be considered as employees of Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited (Gujarat government company).  J.S.  - From 31 / 2020-91 to J.S.  - Candidates selected for the positions of 5 / 2020-21 will be considered as employees of the Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Management Board (GwssB). 

They will not be considered employees of the Gujarat government.  > From the previous announcements, announcement number: 8 / 2020-21 to J.S.  - 30 / 2020-201 All these announcements Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. (Gujarat Government Company) and J.S.  - From 31 / 2020-91 to J.S.  - 4 / 2020-21 All these announcements Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board (GwssB);  In which these announcements are given subject to the hiring rules of the board of that corporation and all other rules.  Announcement No .: 2 / 2020-21 to 30 / 2020-21 Class 3, these announcements do not require a face-to-face interview.  -The selection list for all ads will be finalized based on merit.


The final marks obtained by the candidate will be declared only at the moment of the final result.  - (1) Candidates must submit their application online by clearly reading the advertisement number and place name.  After filling in all the details in the application form while applying online, the application needs to be confirmed only after confirming the details.  (3) If it is necessary to correct the details of the confirmed application form or the information provided by the candidate in case of error or mistake, go to and go to the "Edit" option  on the last day of posting the ad online.  - Any detail can be corrected in time.  

After the advertisement is posted online, no correction can be made to the online application form.  (3) In case of more than one application, only the last application form will be valid.  For non-reserved category candidates Lastly, the application form with the confirmed rate is valid - only CERTIFIED ssCE (showing date of birth) as proof of age.  No other document will be considered valid.  CERTIFICATE OF NON-CREAMY COAT To do this, the website will only be open until 12:00 hrs on 12/01/2030, so don't wait until the last few days. 

Please check all the details in the online application form carefully and fill it out as soon as possible.  You are asked to confirm the request online.  It is mandatory for the candidate to complete the online application form within the stipulated time and obtain the Confirmation Number.  In which the candidate will be responsible for the error.  Date-09/11/20 follow us on: @ GPSC OFFICIAL ON https: // gpsc GPSC Official)