Matter of reduction in the syllabus of standard 9 to 12

Matter of reduction in the syllabus of standard 9 to 12

Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Education press release states that in the current situation of Kovind-1E in the place of the Honorable Minister of Education, for the 2020-21 academic year, there will be educational working days in schools.  The meeting was held.  A meeting was held at Ridge STT.  In which both academics such as Cinnamon Vashris and Lakhdhir Kari Shri from different subjects were present.

Due to the situation of Covid -19 in the meeting, direct educational work could not be carried out in schools but the work of providing education to students through online education has been carried out through different matrimonial media.  In the current situation, the curriculum has been reduced by the blast and other entertainment posters, as well as representations from students and parents to reduce the curriculum.

Matter of reduction in the syllabus of standard 9 to 12

A decision has been made to reduce the curriculum in Std. 6th through 12th by an estimated 30% for the 207021 academic year at all schools.  So that the stress can be created for the students and Std. 10 and 12 students can prepare well for the board exams.

The reduced subjects of the curriculum from Std-9 to 12 have been passed for the exam, ie.

The problem has been eliminated from the study.  You will not be asked questions on the exam.  But Students must impart knowledge on these topics to students in specific interest.  This important year

It will be applicable only for the eighth year of 2020-21.  While the syllabus is reduced, the link chapters have been taken care of so that the students do not find any difficulties in the contest.

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