Food Security Allowance Phase 1 to 14 All in one pdf

Food Security Allowance for Gujarat from Phase 1 to 14 All in one pdf download

Food safety grant from phase 1 to phase 14 all details in one picture. As for the students, how much allocation is given to students and students, how much distribution of grains to students.  All details in a pdf file.

The new academic year has started with the Unlock-2 instructions issued by the Government of India and the resolution dated 6/5/2020 shown in the preamble 1 of the Department of Education of the Government of Gujarat in the current extraordinary circumstances of the  epidemic.  of the new corona virus. But in the month of July 2020, that is, from 1/7/2020.  

Gujarat MDM allowance-Phase 1 to 14

Students are not required to attend school during this HOME LEARNING period until 31/7/2020.  During this period, it is decided to award a food security allowance within the framework of the noon meal.

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The food safety allowance cooking cost amount set by the school principal / SMC must be deposited into the student / parent bank account.  In addition, taking into account local circumstances, social distancing should be strictly maintained in accordance with Government guidelines and food grain distribution work should be completed in consultation with the District's Primary Education Official Supply System with the cooperation of  teachers from local schools  and midday food center administrators.

PM પોષણ અંતર્ગત નવા મેનુ મુજબ ભોજન પીરસવા બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર

All students enrolled in the primary school where the midday meal regime is implemented must send the daily report on the distribution of food grains daily and the amount of the cooking cost paid and the last details in the prescribed form to the email  here.

In addition to the prescribed sample form displayed here on the Mid-day Meal Yojana website on Google Drive, the daily distributed meal must be provided and the amount deposited into the student / tutor's bank account.  Accounts at the school and taluka / district level must be kept current in order to conduct an audit.

તબક્કાવાર MDM ફૂડ સિક્યુરિટીના પરિપત્રો

MDM તબક્કો 1 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 2 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 3 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 4 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 5 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 6 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 7 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 8 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 9 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 10 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 11 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 12 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 13 પરિપત્ર

MDM તબક્કો 14 પરિપત્ર

The distribution of food grains from the amount of food grains allocated by the Government of India in the first and second quarters of the year 2020-21 for the noon meal plan must be completed within the time limit according to the prescribed method for  the distribution of food grains at the district level.  Social distance must be strictly maintained and health department instructions must be followed.  

Additionally, this work must be completed within the time limit as per the provisions of the National Food Safety Act of 2017 and the Mid-Day Meal Program Rules of 2016. The district / Taluka office will have to monitor this matter.  It is requested that this matter be given top priority.