NSP Par NMMS Na Labharthioni Shishyavrutti Mateni Darkhast Karva Babat

NSP Par NMMS Na Labharthioni Shishyavrutti Mateni Darkhast Karva Babat


The centrally sponsored plan "National Merit and Means Scholarship Scheme (NMMSS)" was launched in May 2008. The aim of the plan is to award scholarships to deserving students from economically weaker sectors to stop their dropout in class VIII and encourage them to continue study in the secondary stage.

NSP Par NMMS Na Labharthioni Shishyavrutti Mateni Darkhast Karva Babat
NMMS Registration

1.0 The scheme:

1.1 Under this scheme, 100,000 scholarships are awarded to talented or deserving

students whose parental income does not exceed Rs. 1,50,000 / - per year from

all sources. Each state / UT has a fixed scholarship fee as indicated in the Annex

of the affected age group of classes VII and VIII. The scheme would provide

booking different categories of students according to State / UT regulations; how

Different States / UTs have their own reservation rules.

1.2 These scholarships will be awarded annually to students studying as

regular class IX students in a government agency, subsidized by the government and local

schools to be renovated for classes X, XI and XII. So scholarships

it will be for a maximum period of four years.

1.3 The amount of the scholarship will be Rs. 12000 / - per year @ Rs. 1000 per month.

1.4 State / UT governments will need to conduct a separate review

Administrations for the selection of students for the granting of the National Scholarships of Meanscum-Merit in the States / UT.

NSP Par NMMS Na Labharthioni Shishyavrutti Mateni Darkhast Karva Babat



2.0 Procedure for the selection of awarded students:

2.1 Each state / UT will conduct its own test for the selection of students for the award of

the National Media and Merit Scholarship. The state level exam may

consist of the following two tests:

(i) Mental Ability Test (MAT)

(ii) Academic Aptitude Test (SAT)

2.2 Students must have a minimum of 55% marks or equivalent grade in Class VII.

exam to appear in the selection test for the award of the scholarship (you can relax

5% for SC / ST students). Students must be studying as regular students in a

Government schools, subsidized by the government and local bodies.

2.3 The mental ability test can consist of 90 multiple-choice questions that assess

and non-verbal metacognitive skills such as reasoning and critical thinking. the

The test questions can be about analogy, classification, number series, patterns.

perception, hidden figure, etc.

2.4 The academic aptitude test may consist of 90 multiple-choice questions covering

subjects namely science, social studies and mathematics as taught in classes VII

and VIII.

2.5 Duration of the test

Each test will last 90 minutes. Children with disabilities will receive

additional time, as appropriate.



3.0 Declaration of results

3.1 For the selection of students, the following conditions may apply:

(i) Students must pass both tests, that is, MAT and SAT with at least 40% grades.

taken together for these two tests. For SC / ST students, this cut

they will be 32% marks.

(ii) At the time of selection for the award of the scholarship, the student must have

obtained at least 55% grade or an equivalent grade on the Class VIII exam. There

it will be a 5% relaxation for SC / ST students.

(iii) The successful bidders must comply with the eligibilities and conditions mentioned in the


4.0 Scholarship disbursement

4.1 A student can benefit from a single scholarship under any scheme.

4.2 The successful bidders must open bank accounts preferably at SBI, or at any

sector bank or any programmed bank that has a basic banking service.

4.3 The Governments of the UT States / Administrations will normally send the proposals / list of

beneficiaries online in the Scholarship Portal. The Ministry will examine

propose and approve funds from the Annual Budget Provision to deliver them to the SBI,

the implementing bank of the scheme for the disbursement of scholarships to students directly

in your bank accounts by electronic transfer.

4.4 The winners must obtain a minimum of 55% grades in Class IX and XI and 60% in Class

X for the continuation of the scholarship (relaxed by 5% for SC / ST candidates) in the next

upper classes.

4.5 SBI will ensure that the scholarship is paid to the winners in one go (Rs. 12000)

immediately upon receipt of funds and lists from the Ministry.

4.6 SBI will instruct some of its branches to coordinate with the State Department of Education

in connection with the payment of scholarships.

NSP Par NMMS Na Labharthioni Shishyavrutti Mateni Darkhast Karva Babat

NSP Par NMMS Na Labharthioni Shishyavrutti Mateni Darkhast Karva Babat
NMMS Student Registration

5. General eligibility conditions

5.1 An awardee is eligible for the scholarship provided that:

me. Take studies in approved courses.

ii. maintains good conduct certified by the director of the college / institution and

continue your studies as a regular student in a government / government-assisted

/ School of the Local Body.

iii. you are not absent without proper leave.

iv. studies full time.

v. does not accept any work.

5.2 There will be no scholarships for study abroad for any course.

5.3 No claim for scholarships overdue will be accepted after 12 months of the

Academic session for which the claim has been requested.

5.4 In the event that a successful tenderer leaves his course of studies within the following month

registration / admission, no scholarship will be paid.

5.5 In the event that the successful tenderer cannot attend the annual examination due to serious

illness, the medical certificate must be sent through the Head of the

Institution within three months after illness. The duration of the illness

must be clearly certified by a specialist, who is a registered physician

Optional. The facility will be available to the successful tenderer to continue the same course in

which one is studying as long as the director or director of the institution certifies that

the overall performance of the successful bidder during the year is 50% or more.

5.6 Awardee must join next desired class / course within 3 months of declaration

of the result of the previous class / course.



5.7 The scholarship will be considered discontinued with any gap of an academic session in

studies at any time for any reason.

5.8 Scholarship once discontinued based on the scholarship disbursement rules

it cannot be revived under any circumstances.

5.9 All rules are subject to change from time to time, as and when necessary, which will be

binding on all winners.

6.0 Eligibility and other conditions to start and continue the scholarship in

Secondary and upper secondary stage

6.1 Awardees must obtain a clear promotion from class VIII to class IX to be eligible

for starting the scholarship.

6.2 The scholarship for Baccalaureate and Baccalaureate or Classes IX equivalent to

XII is paid for a maximum period of four years only for studies in India.

6.3 No scholarship is paid at this stage to study diploma / certificate level courses.

6.4 To continue the scholarship in classes X and XII, the winners must clarify

promotion from class IX to class X and from class XI to class XII on the first attempt

with grades of 55% (relaxed by 5% for SC / ST students)

6.5 Awardees must obtain a minimum of 60 percent grades in Class X (relaxed by 5%

for SC / ST students) or equivalent exam for continuation of the

scholarship in upper secondary stage.

6.6 In case an institution / school does not take an exam at the end of Class IX

and / or Class XI, the scholarship for the second year will continue in the

presentation of a certificate for this purpose by the Director of the Institution / School.

7.0 The plan will continue in operation beyond March 2017 as of the fiscal year

2017-18 and the selection test will be held for the granting of a scholarship to

Class IX students in November of each year as a separate test by the State

Governments / Administrations of UT.

8.0 A Technical Support Group (TSG) made up of Consultants / support staff, etc.

constituted to assist in the effective implementation and monitoring of the scheme.

9.0 The plan will be monitored in the Department at regular intervals with the

interested interested parties.

10.0 The scheme can be revised after three years.

NSP Par NMMS Na Labharthioni Shishyavrutti Mateni Darkhast Karva Babat






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