New Income tax form 2019-20 with automatic calculation

New Income tax form 2019-20 with automatic calculation
income tax  slabs and tax rates for FY 2019-20 are applicable to those who earn more than Rs.2.5 lakh p.a. The rate at which individuals are taxed depends on the level of income tax they earn, with rates charged at nil, 5%, 20% and 30%.In February 2019, the government announced certain changes in the structure of the tax slabs. As per the Interim Budget 2019, which came into effect from 1 April 2019, a Rs.12,500 rebate under Section 87A of the Income Tax Act, 1961, will be available to individuals who have an income tax of up to Rs.5 lakh. However, no changes have been made to the tax slabs and rates for the FY 2019-2020.

For domestic companies, the tax-slabs depend on the turnover, and it is mentioned below:Turnover Tax Rate Gross turnover can be a maximum of Rs.250 crore for the previous year 25% Gross turnover is more than Rs.250 for the previous year 30%Apart from the above-mentioned tax rate, an additional surcharge and cess are levied. Given below are the details of the surcharge and the cess that will be levied: Cess: 4% of corporate income tax Surcharge: In case the taxable income is more than Rs.1 crore but less than Rs.10 crore, the surcharge that will be levied is 7%. In case the taxable income is more than Rs.10 crore, the surcharge that will be levied is 12%.Non-resident Indians: For non-resident Indians, irrespective of their age, the exemption limit is up to Rs.2.5 lakh.
Income Tax slab Tax Rate
  • Up to Rs.2.5 lakh Nil
  • From Rs.2,50,001 to Rs.5,00,000 5% of the total income that is more than Rs.2.5 lakh + 4% cess
  • From Rs.5,00,001 to Rs.10,00,000  20% of the total income that is more than Rs.5 lakh + Rs.12,500 + 4% cess
  • Income of above Rs.10 lakh 30% of the total income that is more than Rs.10 lakh + Rs.1,12,500 + 4% cess.

Income tax form for 2019/20 with automatic calculation
Income Tax Form 2019-20
New Income tax form 2019-20 with automatic calculation

Important Points In case your net income is more than Rs.50 lakh but less than Rs.1 crore, apart from a 4% cess, a 10% surcharge is also levied. If the net is above Rs.1 crore, a 15% surcharge is levied.Compared to last year’s budget, cess has increased from 3% to 4%. FAQs about Income Tax Slabs.
Do I need to file Income Tax Return (ITR) if my annual income is below Rs.2.5 lakh?

Answer: You need not file an ITR if your yearly income is below Rs.2.5 lakh but you should file a ‘Nil Return’ just for the record as there are many cases where you can produce them as proof of your employment. For instance, you can provide your ITR while applying for a loan or passport.

How is the income tax of a taxpayer classified?
               Under Section 14 of the Income Tax Act, the taxpayer’s income has been classified under 5 different income heads such as Salaries individuals, Capital gains, Gains/Profits from profession or business, Income from house property, Income from other sources.

Does family pension come under salary income during taxation?
No, family pension will not be taxed under salary income but as ‘income from other sources.’

Who can claim rebate under Section 87A?
Rebate under Section 87A can be claimed by any resident Indian whose total annual income is below Rs.5 lakh. The maximum available rebate under 87A is Rs.12,500.Help calculate the automatic tax calculation in this income tax tax Gujarti form 2019/20. For this, the rabbit will have to give your name, PAN card, support card, mobile number, the bank name, bank's ifsc code, your bank account number and your email ID in last for the first time. After that, save it, now the second sheet is for salaried, from March 2019 to February 2020, the total paid salary, which became the total automated After that, there are two types of taxpayers who write down the type of business, group, CPF or GPF. If there is a direct deduction from LIC pay, then it is also to write and also directly recruited LIC. If PLI is filled in the post office then it will also write month-wise Then there is special If you do not have to complete any income, you will not have to pay the income tax amount on 5th of 2019, if it is automatic, then you will be able to pay the amount in the Income Tax Tax Salary Calculation section. If there are seven payroll arrears, bills etc., then the amount will be deposited in the next fairstate sheet sheet. In which 40000 thousand standard dedication Tomato will be deducted from the total amount, after which the business tax and building lawn will be deducted after interest.