All GR Khas Raja In one PDF file

All GR Khas Raja In one PDF file

Employees, across all industries in India, are entitled to a certain number of leaves per year aside from the holidays and days off. The number and  type of leave depends on the industry,employer and state you are in under the Factories Act and State’s shop and establishment act.

Every state has different leave entitlement and leave policies which is basis for leave policy of your company. In India, three types of leaves are generally followed namely earned leave, sick leave and casual leave which an employee can avail without loss of pay.
Casual leave is provided to to take care of urgent and unseen matters like child has fallen down in school and you get call from school.

Sick leave is provided in case employee gets sick.

Privilege leave or Earned Leave is provided for planned long leaves for the purpose of travel, vacation etc.

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