Retirement Age of Government Employees

Retirement Age of Government Employees

This article lists the legal retirement age in different countries. In some contexts, the retirement age is the age at which a person is expected or required to stop working and is generally the age at which they may be entitled to receive retirement or other government benefits, such as a pension state. 

Policymakers often consider demographics, the fiscal cost of aging, health, life expectancy, the nature of the profession, the supply of labor, and so on.  when deciding the retirement age.  of retirement in the 21st century.

Retirement Age of Government Employees

Many of the countries listed in the table below are in the process of reforming ages (see the notes in the table for more details).  The ages in the table show when a person retires if they retire / have retired in the year indicated in the table;  the trend in some countries is that, in the future, the age will gradually increase (when available, explanations are given in the notes section), therefore the year of birth determines.

when you have the retirement age (for For example, in Romania, women born in January 1955 had the retirement age in January 2015 at 60 years; those born in January 1958 had the retirement age in January 2019 at 61 years; those born in January 1961 will retire in January 2023 at age 62; those born in January 1967 will retire in January 2030 at age 63).

With the formation of the 7th Central Payments Commission, the debates of the 7th Payments Commission regarding the salary increase soared.  

Everyone had a version to present.  It was a revealing scenario of expectations: some logical, some illogical, and some were mere "follow the crowd" style suggestions.  Parallel to the debates on salary increases, there was another debate that was practically ignored: the debate on the retirement age. 

Of course, nothing is sweeter than money, and therefore the retirement age debates and rumors weren't really focused on the mainstream.  But elsewhere he did.  It sparked a lot of debate on WhatsApp and Facebook.