The teacher was considered and, consequently, primary school teachers were entitled to the first higher level of promotion, that is, the level of auxiliary education inspector.  As there is no promotion table after the Assistant Inspector of Education for primary school teachers, the Department of Finance has granted them a second and third higher education. (M) had to be fulfilled according to the fixed schedule.  

Subsequently, the rules for assigning the cadre of school directors were promulgated as of the announcement dated 17/01/2017 with the reference (2) of this department.  In accordance with the provisions of these subsidy rules, elementary teachers were designated as the director's feeder cadre. 

Provisions were made in the proclamation to meet the prescribed qualifications for the position of director in order to advance or achieve higher rank.  Thus, if there are two vacancies for the promotion of primary school teachers according to the notification of 01/03/2008, Deputy Inspector of Education and according to the notification of 01/15/2017, there are two vacancies for the promotion of directors.  

According to the resolution dated 12/05/2017 under reference (2) of this department, it is optional to obtain the promotion of the director, they are eligible to obtain the first higher standard. 

Subsequently, the Directors Recruitment Rules, 2018 were published as of the notification dated 06/07/2018 under reference (2) of this section.  Subsequently, as of the notification under reference (2) dated 01/31/2018 from this department, the recruitment rules for the Deputy Inspector of Education, 2013 were promulgated.

In accordance with the provisions of these rules, the cadre of directors  of school has been included instead of primary teachers as feeder cadre for the deputy inspector of education.  Therefore, there should be no room for the direct promotion of primary school teachers or for the promotion of principals.

With the above details, the public notice of this department dated 01/18/2071 and 01/21/2071 as well as the resolution dated 06/19/2071 must be implemented to the elementary teachers and elementary teachers of the  elementary schools under the district education committee / state city education consent and In order to maintain uniformity in the interpretation of various statements and resolutions published under reference (1) to (2) with respect to the first,  appropriate second and third step, as well as ancillary changes made to it, all expressed in context.  

In view of the fact that there are no changes to the original provisions of the Declaration and Resolutions, the following general explanations are issued regarding those provisions. 

Since the cadre of primary teachers is the feeder frame of the cadre of principal teachers, primary teachers are entitled to receive the highest step standard from the head teacher as the first higher level standard.  

It is voluntary for the director to be promoted to the position of Assistant Inspector of Education, that is, there is no place for the promotion of the director but only those directors who want to be promoted must pass the corresponding exam.  Therefore, the director's painting is a lonely painting.  

Since the school principal cadre is regarded as Rouhan, Ranvar, since this cadre is single frame, is there a need to promote crop teachers after the principal?  Co) If there is no space, they are eligible for Finance Department DR-3 at Yat K2 / Iii Avait [method 2 Muj + lej and 3rd standard 5 higher, - as there is no place for mandatory promotion for director.  

According to the calendar prescribed by the Finance Department, subject to the provisions of the resolution applicable to the higher remuneration standard and the complementary modifications made in it, according to the calendar, the director is eligible to meet the director of the date.

According to the modality of appointment under the Public Name of 01/2071, if the voluntary promotion is made in the cadre of Assistant Inspectors of Education, in the cases in which they are subject to the provisions of the applicable resolution of the Department of Finance.  5 will be receivable.