Income Tax Form 2020-21 in Gujarati

Income Tax Form 2020-21 in Gujarati

This app is providing income tax calculator and forms to government employees working in Gujarat. It is very easy to use. Users will find all guidance about tax acts and usage of app functions. You have to enter figures of salaries, other incomes and deductible amounts. 

Income Tax Form 2020-21 in Gujarati
Income Tax Form 2020-21

All the calculations are displayed in the app. There are options for export forms - Gujarati form, Form - 16 and Salary Statement as Excel file.This app provides calculator and ready-to-print all the necessary forms for self assessment of income tax of salaried employees of Gujarat. This app is very easy to use. 


You will be able to get complete information about income tax and guidance on using the app. All you have to do is fill in the income tax form with salary details, other income and deductible figures.Calculate income tax, TDS and export forms as an Excel files.

All tax calculations and forms will be prepared automatically by Nareshbhai Kalubhai  Dhakecha

Self Assessment Form, Form Assistant Teacher | Office / Institution: You can get print of Shri Khara Primary School No - 16 and Salary Sheet. Khara Ta. Lilia Dist. Amreli Accounts Year 2020-21 Reform Salary Income The main reform for this year is the new tax structure.

For this you can take advantage by calculating according to both the tax structures in which the income tax is less, by assessing the Income tax deducted by the salary bill as 5,000. After filling in all the details of income from other sources in the app, according to both the structures.


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