Matter of change in rules for transfer of primary teachers

Matter of change in rules for transfer of lower primary teachers and higher primary teachers

Prathmik ane Uchch Prathmik Shikshako ni Badali na Niyamo ma Sudhara babat latest Paripatra DATE 26-10-2020

Matter of change in rules for transfer of lower primary teachers and higher primary teachers

According to the new rule of transfer

 (1) Separate seniority of Std. 1 to 5 and 6 to 8 has to be maintained.

 (2) The last numbered teacher of the department in which takes place shall be transfered.

 (3) The Last teacher should be placed in the same department.

 (4) Teachers from std 1 to 5 should not be placed in std 6 to 8 and teachers from std 6 to 8 should not be placed in std 1 to 5.

 (5) In the cases of transfer which shall be included as per the section and subject.

 (6) For slaying / transfer, according to the department and subject, first of all one has to include in pay center school.

 (7) Teacher should be included in taluka school if there is no space in pay center school and if there is no space in taluka school then in the district school.

 (8) If all the vacancies in districts 1 to 5 are filled then teachers of 1st to 5th class will have to be included in Std. 6th to 8th but he will have to be placed as a surrogate teacher and will have to be replaced as a surrogate teacher in the next massacre/reduction camp.

 (9) At the time of inclusion in this way, if there is a place in Std. 6 to 8 in his native school, then the salary should be included there or in the school of pay center school/taluka/district.

The posts of the head of the department at Gandhinagar are to be held at Gandhinagar and the service of the officer working on that post is not transferable in the state other than Gandhinagar. Even if all the conditions mentioned above are satisfactory, they can be changed considering the vacancies available in the district of the place where the non-tax payer is located.  

The husband / wife of the officer / employee can be transferred to Ahmedabad district at the Gujarat High Court.  In addition to the above mentioned, the person in charge of the administrative worldwide Mathekam, who is not a descendant of Varma, will have to submit the original certificate as evidence in the form of the irrigation specimen mentioned in the attached appendix.

The above appendix of the Gujarat High Court is to be submitted as proof of the original Munjan as proof in the case of the Registrar of Rowan of Gujarat High Court.  Lotra certificate issued by the Registrar regarding marriage registration has to be submitted.

According to the department, the declining teacher will have to be transferred to another school after being slaughtered.  If there is a shortage of subject teachers for Std. 6th to 8th in the school where there is a vacancy in the subject, it is advisable to place qualified teachers/assistants with the qualification of Std.  Will not be placed in.  Nirau's matters will have to be taken into consideration on many occasions while changing the tiger and at that time the teacher / Vighasahayak will face it.  

The department from which the teacher/teaching assistant has been selected i.e. from the primary or sub-primary department will be required to include the teacher/student assistant in their designated department/subject which is vacant in the school corresponding to the department/subject of the teacher/assistant.

Teacher / Vidhya Sahayak who has been selected from the school should first fill the vacancy of the department/subject in another school of his / her paid school.  If so, in the taluka closest to that taluka of the district, the state or any other taluka of that district will be included in the schools with vacancies in that department/subject.

If there is a vacancy of Std. 6th to 8th in its original curse while accommodating in this way, otherwise it will be included in that taluka or in other talukas under the salary center of the school, among the schools running Std. 1 to 8 which are missing from Std.  Std. 7th class will have to be closed in those schools which have a number of students and in schools where there are more than 20 students in Std. The 7th standard classes will have to be started.  

For the closure of Std. 7th and 20th classes in schools that have less than 0 students in Std. 6th, and in schools that have more than 20 students in Std. 6th Std.  Will have to start a sequential class.  Type - h) School for me: The number of students in the District Town Education Committee or the number of students in a bank school/foot to another school for some reason when the students in the school.

After adding the number of students of the merged school to the school to be sent, the Navairani Mathekamat has to be calculated and this type of std.  1 to 8 and std.  The establishment of 6th to 8th will have to be fixed.  Considering the date of admission in the respective school, the list of teachers of both the schools has been prepared.  If there is a total re-teacher of both Moto or Std. 1 to 8 schools, make a seniority list of those 6 teachers on the basis of the date of admission in the school. 

Similarly, keeping in view the subject of Std.Kham is an establishment to meet in two different sections  According to the teacher if it is going to be 4-5, then the teachers of the merging school will have to keep in the school what they enjoy in Sha-1, but in case of increase in the number of teachers from the school, the teachers who are the last to work  Slaughter times will change.  

If the date of enrollment in the account is the same as the date of enrollment in the school, then you will have to decide the death by considering the date as seniority.  More and more teachers on leave will have to be replaced as per the rules of transfer.  J District |  If it is not possible to do more, then the w / Director will have to be informed.  "2. The Director, Primary Education shall bring to the notice of all the concerned persons / officers the provisions of this amendment resolution and shall give the necessary administrative instructions for its operation." (H)  19) The other existing provisions published by the At1 Resolutions and the Amendment Resolutions under shall remain unchanged. 2. This Amendment Resolution shall be registered on the heel of this section of Chakha No. dated 35 / e / B00 and then, subject to the approval received from the Govt.  Has been issued, by the order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name,