Rachanatmak Mulyankan mate Namuna Rup Prashno

Rachanatmak Mulyankan mate Namuna Rup Prashno - STD : 1 TO 5

Education continues despite schools closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.You are all working tirelessly. Textbooks, broadcast on DD Garranar, "Learn at Home",You maintain the continuity of children's education through the classrooms.Guide children through telephone contact with children and parents when possibleWe have. A tutorial guide for phone conversations with parents by the teacher.But from here they can also scan the QR code that was sent to everyone.

Rachanatmak Mulyankan mate Namuna Rup Prashno
Ghare Shikhiye Mulyankan

As mentioned in this, we had a lot of fun with the kids.According to the query. This module helps you to make such inquiries.It will happen.Also, in the Teacher's Guide found under "Learning at Home" in July.Constructive evaluation of children was included. Let's learn at home from the brochure.

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The teacher also talks to the children while taking notes on the assessment, so that the good. It can be evaluated. This conversation is primarily based on the following:Below are some examples of how children can be questioned during this conversation.Questions are given here in this module. You can also create new questions from these questions.Will be able to.

Teachers from Std. 1 to 5 are expected to adopt this model. Mention more with children and parents in mind, keep in mind the truths contained in the Teacher Guide.There is a belief that it will be communicated.

Rachanatmak Mulyankan mate Namuna Rup Prashno

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