Best App For Primary School Teachers

Best Application For Primary School Teacher-Hajripatrak App

Best App For School Teacher
Best app for teachers

This app is the successor of previous Hajripatrak app and made for teachers, by a teacher. This app is developed completely with new concept and feature-rich user interface compare to previous app. So it has been released as a new app, not as update to old app. 

You can track your students' attendance record by clicking few finger taps. You can get many types of reports to fill figures in official statements and forms. Keep all students basic details handy.

Best App For  School Teachers

Here we talk about the best application for primary school teacher.There are so many application are exist for primary school but I have choose this one bacause of the best features and facilities of this app. 

  • Here we talk about it's FEATURES.
    • Attendance Calendar.Easy to note daily attendance by clicking absent students 
    • Daily category wise attendance figure
    • Monthly and Annual attendance aggregates and averages


    • Month wise and annual total attendance figures for students
    • Exporting and printing reports as PDF and Excel
    •  Just drag handle for adjusting roll numbers

    • Parinam patrak and Pragati patrak for std 3 to 8 with easy data entry.
    • Student Profile with photograph and basic details
    • Import students details from Excel sheet for quick data-entry