Every school needs to maintain several types of records and registers so as to make the process of administration efficient. A school is accountable to the students, parents, government, managing committee and the larger society. This necessitates proper record keeping for present and future reference. 
Need and Importance.


E-General Register for school

The maintenance of records is indispensable for systematic and successful working of a school. With the increase in the functions and responsibilities of a school, the number of its records and registers has considerably increased. Records are essential on account of the following reasons: Financial needs, Administrative needs, Appraisal of institutional programmes, Research needs, relationship with home and community, Future references, etc.

  • To satisfy the legal requirements of the state 
  • To prepare budgetary statements of financial needs
  • To appraise the effectiveness of the instructional programme
  • To undertake research
  • To develop cooperative and constructive relationship with school and community
  • Types of Records
  • There are several types of records which can be broadly classified as follows:
  • Educational records 
  • Financial records 
  • Educational Records
  • Attendance registers: Students attendance register maintains a record of students names with their attendance on every working day. 

Great care should be taken to see that attendance is regularly and properly marked. Attendance should be ideally marked twice a day. Holidays need to be shown in the attendance register along with the nature of the holiday.  

Teachers attendance register generally kept in the principal or  supervisors office. It should show the time of arrival and departure of a teacher. It should be regularly signed by a teacher twice a day.

Holidays and their nature should be entered in this register. It should also indicate the number and nature of leave taken by teachers such as casual leave, sick leave, leave without pay, duty leave, etc. 


Cumulative records: The importance of adequate student records cannot be over emphasized as they give assistance to a teacher in improving his/her instructional programme by understanding the make up of individual student in his/her class better. 

Cumulative record card contains complete and comprehensive record of the student, indicting his/her biodata, date of admission, progress from year to year, attainment in various subjects and activities, intelligence, aptitude, interest and information from school to school.

This card tried to give a comprehensive picture of the all-round development of the students personality. It provides valuable information to the future institutions and employers about the individual concerned. It forms the basis for educational and vocational guidance to individuals.

In addition to these, there are some other records to be maintained by a school. General administrative records.You will now get ready to present only GR number of present day, Bonafide certificates, birth certificate, bank account certificates, LCs from GR number and student's identity card will become automatic. 

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